PESCAVIAR is a Spanish company specialized in the production and marketing of unique gourmet products.

It was set up in 1997 by a group of professionals with experience in the food industry, who detected the opportunity to develop a totally new market with a high potential.

Thus, in 1998, PESCAVIAR after setting the basis of an important domestic trading network, launches its first product, AVRUGA, considered as the first gourmet caviar substitute in the market. One year later, after the success of their first release, the company decided to widen its product line by introducing new products such as ANCHOVIAR, LOBSVIAR and MOLUGA. All these products are made from several kinds of fish. Other products such as TRUFKA, ARËNKHA and ARËNKHA MSC were later incorporated.

That´s how our corporate career begins, with the aim of commercialize our products in all points of sale and to therefore reach all consumers, both on a national and international scale.

In 2009, PESCAVIAR is involved into two new distribution projects: CHOVAS and FRESH PEARLS.

CHOVAS is a range of premium spreads brewed with white cheese and high quality fish. They are fresh and natural, user-friendly, gluten free, healthy and light creams.

FRESH PEARLS are perfect spheres with a liquid heart made from fruits pulp and sauces, which burst in your mouth. These are very similar to spherifications, which has lately become a trend due to the most worldwide famous chefs.

Today, we continue working day by day, not only in order to branch out into international markets, (our products are present in more than 35 countries in five continents) but by developing new products in order to meet the growing demands of the market, both in terms of innovation and sustainability.

Therefore, in 2014, we launched our new range of products, Spherika Gourmet, fish pearls and natural fish roe. High quality products to suit every pocket.

We invite you to discover our wide range of products and their multiple applications in cookery. Our manufacturing processes are endorsed by ISO 9001, IFS, APPCC y BRC (A Grade) certifications.