Hot recipes with caviar and roe

The Christmas holidays are now over and the New Year, as well as many New Year’s resolutions, bring us into “hard January” and the challenge of recovering from holiday excesses. Pescaviar has been present with its products in the best menus of restaurants and households the world over.
Both our internationally renowned Avruga caviar and our Spherika Gourmet natural roe have played a decisive role in giving a touch of gourmet to our dishes. Now we must recover our strength to gain momentum for this year, streamline expenses and purchases and get back to a balanced, but also comforting diet during these winter months.

Who says that herring caviar or roe are just a garnish for cold dishes? Now in winter the most delicious hot dishes can be enjoyed with a touch of the flavour of the sea. Our own gourmets have given us their ideas, recipes published on social networks and blogs using our products for amazing dishes, not just for canapés or salads using our herring caviar or roe. Their use extends as far as our imagination allows.

Italian pasta, in any of its varieties with cheese, is delicious if you add a touch of Avruga flavour.

pasta con salsa de vozca

Poached eggs, with any kind of vegetables, stand out with a little herring caviar.

A good fish, oven cooked or grilled, will always be more powerful if we add natural roe.


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