Throwing the status of a product that at first glance may be considered a mere ersatz caviar to the product range “gourmet ” is a challenge and we succeeded Pescaviar.

Pescaviar he born with the dream of creating

and develop a full range of alternative products to existing fish and caviar roe, aware of the depleted population of sturgeon. The company has achieved great success worldwide with different products with the appearance of caviar.

The aim of the company is to develop ” clean” products regardless of dyes and artificial preservatives and without flavor enhancers or aroma. The quality raw materials selected for the manufacture of our products guarantees original aroma and flavor.

Within the range of ‘ANCHOVIAR-2Premium Pearl’ include ‘ANCHOVIAR’, as it is the only ersatz caviar pearl gray , made from anchovies, we can find in the market.

A finished product and preserved in glass jar of 120 g . ideal for hospitality and gourmet pot 60g . , suitable for decorating all kinds of appetizers , entrees , seafood , appetizers , carpaccio , salads , pasta and etc. PESCAVIAR is present in most distribution channels ( hypermarkets, supermarkets and small shops ) and the Horeca Canal, in the best restaurants and hotels both domestically and internationally.