PESCAVIAR , a specialist in the development and marketing of gourmet products , has expanded the range within their creams Chovas , bringing to market a new flavor : Lobster . A different way of eating seafood
this Christmas can not miss on the table. Made with the best raw materials , rich in protein and gluten , so that everyone can taste it from children to the elderly. Pescaviar and offers a wide gastronomic offer in the face Christmas with high quality products at a reasonable price.


A finish and kept in a gourmet pot of 100 g . , At an affordable price and its versatility makes it an ideal place to creativity of any dish either pasta, salads, cold soups, sauces accompanying product and long etc. Pescaviar suggests us to use not only smeared but also as a condiment in the kitchen cream is only necessary to heat the cream with fish stock or milk in a pot over low heat and we will have ready a delicious , tasty and original sauce that will surprise our.

Within the range of creams Chovas we find more original flavors and exquisite as the palate , both with simple taste tostas as a sauce or filling for eggs, potatoes, vegetables etc. Tastes like : Cod with tomato, salmon, scorpionfish, crab, Black Pearls and the new flavor lobster.

PESCAVIAR is a leader in the development and marketing of alternative products Spanish company caviar . In 2009 , it reaches an agreement with Cantabrian Anchovies and products for the exclusive marketing of their fish creams brand ‘ Chovas ‘ . With this agreement Pescaviar expands its product portfolio, assuming both the marketing and the administration of the product, both domestically and internationally. In PESCAVIAR we have developed from the best raw materials that the sea offers, unique products, with an exquisite taste, an attractive and free from artificial colors and preservatives texture. PESCAVIAR is present in most distribution channels ( hypermarkets, supermarkets and small shops ) and the Horeca Canal, in the best restaurants and hotels both domestically and internationally.