Pescaviar, Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of  “Premium” products , continues to consolidate its presence ininternational markets. Hand of the Chamber of Commerce

Hispano- Czech organized this event to offer companies business opportunities, Pescaviar show its best specialties at the “Wine Festival, wines and food from EU countries” on 27 and 28 March, an event organized by the City of Prague, with the support Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic-Czech collaboration with other European institutions. Pescaviar, which exports its products to over 25 countries and has significant presence in the Horeca sector will be present with all its products through its partner Spanish Gourmet Trading, which sells its products in Czech Republic and Austria.

Pescaviar manufactures Arënkha herring pearls, the only quality alternative to sturgeon caviar with MSC certified sustainable fisheries and awarded in 2012 as Product most innovative MSC.

The latest range of Spherika Gourmet meets five varieties: Pearl Herring, Salmon roe, trout roe, lumpfish roe and capelin and lumpfish roe. These natural eggs are obtained directly from the fish, and only with added salt. Pescaviar also offer its liquid interior beads Pearls Cocktail, a delicious ingredient pioneering technique inspired by the avant-garde of sferification, available in several flavors and made without dyes, preservatives and artificial flavorings.

Visitors to this event can also taste the fish Pescaviar creams. With a base of high quality cheese combined with various selected fish and other ingredients, Chovas creams are a healthy alternative to classic pâté.