Pescaviar, Spanish company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of ” Premium ” products , comes a year to the Food Fair and presents its new product SPHERIKA GOURMET

, a line of fish products transformed and natural eggs of high quality, without artificial additives, and at a competitive price. GOURMET SPHERIKA meets six varieties: Pearl Herring ( red and black ), Salmon roe, trout roe, lumpfish and capelin roe (red and black ), and lumpfish roe (red and black ).


Pearl Herring SPHERIKA GOURMET is a caviar substitute made from smoked herring fillets from sustainable fisheries (MSC) from the cold waters of the North Sea. A unique and revolutionary process allows to obtain, from that herring, small pearl-like eggs.

These beads can be added as decoration or to any ingredient both cold and hot plate. Unlike other processed products, the Pearl Herring SPHERIKA GOURMET contain no artificial additives, its color does not fade as it has no artificial coloring, and flavor smoked herring is perfectly recognizable and can be used beyond the decoration as an ingredient in dishes.

While caviar both wild sturgeon and farmed undergoes catch restrictions and exorbitant prices, is expected to supply lumpfish in the world roe decreases due to the high demand for meat for surimi processing, and therefore its price increase. In this scenario Pearl Herring GOURMET SPHERIKA are an ideal alternative for the consumer.



GOURMET SPHERIKA natural eggs are produced in the Peninsula Sj . Odden , Denmark, an idyllic setting where the highest quality processes are established to obtain natural roe, obtained directly from the fish , and only with added salt.

Natural salmon roe in this range come chum salmon , known as red caviar. Besides salmon roe , the range is completed with trout , lumpfish roe and mixed capelin and lumpfish 100 %.

GOURMET SPHERIKA joins brands AVRUGA , Arënkha , ANCHOVIAR , COCKTAIL PEARLS and creams CHOVAS , all Pescaviar products are distributed in more than 35 countries.