• The liquid inside spherifications Cocktail Pearls of Pescaviar are already available on the shelves of CONSUM , and LECLERC LIDL for this Christmas season.


Madrid, 25 November 2014 – Pescaviar , leader

gourmet products, makes available to all consumers the highest cooking techniques, ready to use in dishes and recipes. Thus, the liquid inside spherifications Cocktail Pearls, are already available on the shelves of CONSUM, and LECLERC LIDL for this Christmas season.

Uniting the new technique known as sferification used by the heads of most prestigious kitchen, these small beads with liquid heart reach the effect of explosion in the mouth techno-emotional trends in haute cuisine. Available in six different flavors: Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, apple-ginger, lemon-pepper, vinegar-shallot and Chili. Cocktail Pearls are fun, easy to use and delicious in any dish. In addition, they are made without artificial colors or preservatives or artificial flavors.

Extravagant and extremely versatile, Cocktail Pearls are more than a whim. Excellent in cocktails, to accentuate the flavor of starters, meat and fish or as decoration on desserts, these pearls work as a garnish and seasoning at a time. With Cocktail Pearls it is possible to add a touch of glamor and seduction to any celebration.

The supermarket chain LIDL has incorporated the liquid beads apple-ginger, vinegar-shallot and vinegar-exclusive variety of Pedro Ximenez, under its premium brand Deluxe, sponsored by Sergi Arola. Meanwhile CONSUM already has on its shelves with the variety of Cocktail Pearls Lemon-Lime, while LECLERC offers its customers all the flavors of these delicious pearls available.

Usage tips:

  • Cocktail Mojito with Lemon – Pepper Pearls

  • Steak tartare with Cocktail Pearls of Chili

    Tuna tataki with Cocktail Pearls Apple – Ginger

  • Veal with Strawberry Cocktail Pearls

  • Roast beef with Cocktail Pearls of vinegar- shallot

  • Ostra Kaipara with Cocktail Pearls of Lemon-Lime



Pescaviar brings 15 years of marketing prepared from different fish products: Avruga and Arënkha ( wild North Sea herring ) , ANCHOVIAR ( anchovy ) and Chovas ( creams fish). In addition , his department continues to innovate R & D gourmet products within the most avant-garde culinary trends such as Cocktail Pearls (beads of liquid inside different sauces and fruit).

Pescaviar is the first company that has created a variety and quality in the sector and caviar substitutes is a leader in the international market , present in more than 35 countries on 5 continents.