Pescaviar at the 1st MSC España trade fair

Yesterday Pescaviar participated in the 1st MSC España trade fair. On this occasion, which brought together different representatives from the MSC programme and fishing companies, distributors and preparers, the advantages of working together for sustainable fishing

and raising consumer awareness of this type of environmentally friendly product were addressed. MSC also took the opportunity to present the results of the MSC España market study.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global programme in which fisheries of all the world’s oceans participate, and which seeks to transform international sea product markets into a model which rewards and promotes sustainable and responsible practices. The MSC seal is granted to industry products which comply with the quality standards of the programme, based on respect for the marine environment, traceability and good practice. Pescaviar participates in this programme and several of its products bear this seal, such as Arënkha MSC, Moluga MSC and Spherika Gourmet.

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