Spherika Gourmet gathers 8 varieties: Herring Pearls (red and black), Salmon Pearls, Sturgeon Pearls, Salmon Roe, Trout Roe, Capelin Roe (red and black), Lumpfish Roe (red and black), Cuttlefish Ink.

Herring pearls have the pleasant caviar texture and have been prepared using smoked herring fillets from the North Sea cold waters sustainable fishery (MSC certificate). With this herring, through a unique and revolutionary process, small pearls are obtained with the appearance of roe.

Natural salmon and trout roe are produced at Sj. Odde peninsula in Denmark, an idyllic environment were the highest standards of quality processes are set in order to obtain natural roe, straight off the fish, with the only addition of salt. This range of natural salmon roe is called “keta”, also known as “red caviar”.

This line of products includes as well Cuttlefish Ink, in a new glass jar format ready to use.